Thursday, January 2, 2014

Its 2014, Peeps!

It has been year(s) since my last post. Alhamdulillah it was great for me; even without sharing almost anything with anyone online/offline I felt "complete". 

What makes me want to write tonight is tomorrow is 2 Jan. Its the start of the brand new year. I was scheduled to send Rayyan for class of 5 years and Kauthar for class of 3 years. Yes, both of them are starting school this year. 

What bothers me tonight is; i have this mixed feelings. I cant stop thinking of how happy i am Kauthar has a 'place' at the school but at the same time; i am sad because i am loosing a "friend". 

My, my most of you must not know what my schedule was like since I've gone MIA for more den a year in this so called blogging world. 

I have been sending Rayyan to this wonderful school that requires me to leave the house at 715am and to stay/ wandering ard the area up to 1pm as the travelling time and distance is quiet far from home. I will only reach home somewhere around 2-3pm. 

Kauthar has been my BFF ever since jz because there was not a spot for her at the school. And because of the distance, i have decides to "postponed" all the plans I have for me. So i have this "to-do list" when all my kids are at skool. And i was supposedly to be happy that I can finally "execute" them but it turns out that there are more to life than "me". 

I thought I was being there for Kauthar but the truth is she was the one who was being there for me. She is my friend while Rayyan was at school. We had great conversations. About almost everything. I know she doesn't understand me but it is a relief talking about "things" to someone. We shopped together. Even so it was just buying a candy but it was so much fun. Kauthar will always choose the pink ones; or the prettiest ones or the one heart shapes candy. Its really is amazing how a small creatures makes you felt so great .

I spent so many hours in the car with Kauthar. We talk, we sing, we fight on which Disney cartoon to watch on. I do enjoy listening to Sofia the first while driving. She sometimes wants to watch Barney and I seriously dun get it why kids love Barney so much. We share snacks; she loves eating hard boiled egg. And she always will says "Kauthar eat white ones and mommy eats yellow ones". And she will always share her food with me; one for Kauthar and one for mommy. Even if she doesn't want to share the way she hides her food/ candy is so funny and never fails to make me smile. 

Owh i wonder what tomorrow is like. Id definitely has no one to share just about anything. I will have to window shop all by myself; I wonder if i have the courage to even eat breakfast by myself. I wonder if she remembers me at school; with all the new friends shell be having, Owh, how time flies. Today she is in kindergarten and tomorrow shell be in elementary and the next thing u know shell be in university. I never had this feeling sending Rayyan off to school. That is because I have Kauthar. I always have Kauthar. I am never without Kauthar. Even she is leaving for half a day; to a kindergarten what more, she is my life. I felt as if I'm letting go a part of my life. 

I wonder if there are other mothers that has this kind of feeling. I wonder if Id have the same feeling if I'm a working mother. I wonder if I am that smothering mother that cant even letgo of her child to kindergarten. I wonder what my life is like tomorrow. 

Great NEWS I got a text saying skool will only starts next monday..... phewww

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Officially 28

Hey hey!! So I am officially 28 today, and decided  today would be a good day to write after months of silence. 

I had a relaxing birthday today. I think I have had overrated birthdays before. Ive always wanted grand gestures on my birthdays, thousand of wishes on SMSs, FBs etc. I guess, I have grown up? 

This year, I slept early, did not even know where my phone is, and I did not checked my FB just up to just now. And I was not that annoyed that none of my family member did not remembered my birthday, it is deepavali and everybody was just chirpy its a holiday.

I got red velvet cupcakes and the best rainbow cake from my beloved husband, And roses on the bed. And surprisingly, I am so happy; I found those are profound enough for me. 

Its going to be Awal Muharam next couple of days, hopefully this year, I'd get much mature( i know i am childish -  but you know thats why you love me), blissful at heart, closer to Allah and a great body, ahha!

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Friday, August 31, 2012

2012 Raya Photos

My Lovely Umyra

This cheeky girl never fails to make me smile

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Little DIY Skirt

I have always love this top. I had  no chance wearing it since it is a bit baggy.

 I seriously love the flowers and glitter on it!

Since I has started sewing, I decided to reuse into something Kauthar's instead. I wanted to cut it into a shirt but I dun think it is a right color for her.

 So, I decided to make a skirt instead. Using what she had for measurements.






End product!!

What the kids are wearing today!

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Owh So Looong!!

Oh long has it been since my last post??? 

Apart of me dah malas to update. Not that I had nothing to share, too much actually but I am squeezed! I had so little time nowadays!

I had the toughest Ramadhan ever to start with. Despite of 11 days off duty, I still struggle to keep everything in tact; I dun know is it because I had to deal with 2 toddlers or the fact that my menses is messing with my body, or just because I am getting old...But it was one hell of a tiring Ramadhan. Nevertheless, I started projects on two things I love most; driving with my lovely kids and sewing for my lovely kids! 

The last I had drove a car was in 2008? I dun remember but it was before I was engaged. And since than, I have always had a driver. Now, besides the fact that I had no one to drive me around like a queen, I believe it is time for me to be independent. It has been too long that I depend on people. It was really scary the first day. I was constantly checking the mirrors, any mirror, I was so afraid that I am driving too slow and with the two kids screaming out of their lungs, which was no help I find it super hard to concentrate. If you drive behind a car that you cannot see the driver for being too short, and keeps on hitting the brakes and driving below 60, that could be me. 

 I had Rayyan with Legos!
Kauthar, besides being strapped, I still had to bring along soft toys, rattles and dolls.

Owh, now that I drive everyday, I am a bit confident, just a bit, and I have learnt to not to care less what ever sound my kids are making, I think my driving is getting better just that I need to adjust myself to the car; parking is also a challenge. Take me hours to park a car! And no, I have no new car, sob sob but I have been given the mandate to drive the Harrier and I am a bit mobile now. 

Anyways, I managed to sew a pair of Baju Melayu for Rayyan and Kebaya-kebarung for Kauthar, just in time for Raya. I never left sewing, I still hand sew so many things but I left the sewing machines right after I got pregnant of Rayyan. I can't see a sewing machine while I was pregnant. Just imagining the wheel going on makes me dizzzy, and since then, the machine has been a house for dust. 

My sewing was not top notch but everyday that I sew, everything seems to come back and I keeps on getting better. Well, my teacher once told me, sewing is like driving, if youre a good driver that youre a good tailor. I dun really know where the two ties but I do find it a bit related. And sewing seriously challenge my patience. With the two kids running around with scissors, I almost lost it but I found that I can now prioritize which comes first, haha. 

A wee bit on Raya

We celebrated first of Eid in Terengganu, was there since a week before Raya. And Lost like 4kgs while I was there. It is a challenge fasting with 2 kids at your in laws. Haha...Anybody looking for a slimming tips, this might work. But I gained all that kilos back just a few days of Raya! I was super skinny la kunon during the last days of Ramadhan. 
The tots in Mommys creations!

I felt sooo sorry for myself coz there was no Raya pics of my family. My husband pun dah cakap since the first Raya up to the fourth day of Raya pun macam mencurahkan air ke daun keladi....

On the second Raya, I had this turban on which I tot was super cun 

But ended up looking like a makcik, and the only pic was taken by my mom in law. 

And the first weekend was spent in Penang. we had a wedding to attend to. And yet, no pics. How sad, kan! 

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Oh My English!!

Rayyan as most of you know is a bit behind at the language department. It worries me at first but he has been keeping up lately; credit to Tumble Tots, I guess. I have to state that Tumble Tot is not a special school. It is not for special kids. Many has been asking me what kind of special school Tumble Tot. My Rayyan is healthy, Alhamdulillah. I believe it is the different approach by Tumble Tots that seems to sparks his language buds. 
Anyways, when Rayyan was smaller, we communicate in Bahasa, but it seems as if Rayyan is not picking up. And we switched to English. he seems to understand and since then, English has been our medium. And so, we decided to send him to Tumble Tots.  And since then, he has been expanding his vocabs, alhamdulillah.
As for me, I don't come from English speaking family. Of course when I was little English was the medium but as you grow up and the surrounding are all in Bahasa, you adapt and since then, Bahasa is the language I spoke. To my surprise, it is hard talking to little ones in English! Things like foot and feet. 1 foot is foot, 2 foot is feet, its confusing, to him and to me. Where are your shoes? Where is your shoe? And the biggest mistake of all!! Mommy open the TV for you! Haha. And I do get tongue tied sometimes, it is just like the lyrics to OME!; 
Bahasa Inggeris tak tahu
Fikiran boleh buntu
Lidah pun jadi kelu
Menjadi kelu
Tolonglah aku
Oh My English!
Yeah! Yeah! Yeahhhh!

Haha! And I watch OME if I had the time. Help me actually! 

Kauthar in the other hand is picking up very well. She is now 13 months and she recognized everyone in the house. calls me Ma, and she knows things like, sit down, stand up, pass it to Mommy, go get Mommy tissue, put that on the table, absolutely knows shoes; which shoes belongs to whom, books, phones,  susu(my besties), bear, cat, lion,    knows letsgo,we're here, push your baby(her doll in the little buggy), oh so many! Alhamdulillah my babies are growing well and beautiful. It felt great knowing these came from me.